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Gas Station Blues & Diamond Rings EP



“Gas Station Blues & Diamond Rings” is OFFICIALLY OUT on all digital platforms and will be coming out on CD & Vinyl in the coming months. We are so grateful to our friends, families, and followers for being there for us and supporting us in this highly illogical endeavor. It means the world to us, and we present to you a few tales from our inner world. These five songs explore and relate stories of people we know, knew, are and were. It’s a tribute to growing up in the time of endless war, endless/limiting technology, and an unprecedented new confidence to be who you truly are no matter what society or parents or tradition suggests. Thanks to Erik Kase Romero for bringing this to life as friend and producer. Thanks to Timmy Pannella for mastering. James and Santo, you know how I feel. We hope one of these songs makes you feel something. 🌲🌲 - Joe

“[Gas Station Blues & Diamond Rings is a] cross between Mississippi John Hurt-like country blues and Paul Simonesque folk-rock that tells of […] a time when media and life were simpler, slower and more meaningful. [Makoviecki’s] picking is first rate and compliments his rootsy croon.”

- Bob Makin, The Aquarian Weekly